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 Stubborn Computers provide computer services such as, setup, repairs, upgrades, computer imaging, backups, data recovery, restores, security, remote services, virus removal, spyware removal, and malware removal.  
Why should you go with Stubborn-Computers for your computer needs?
1. Convenience (In house, office repair, Pickup and delivery, or Remote assistance)
2. Save money (Inexpensive prices with quality work)
3. A Certified Professional working on your computer, the technician is Microsoft
certified (Credentials list on left side of page.) and has a degree in electronics.
4. Fast service (Can be onsite usually with in three hrs.)
5. Remote assistance is also available to help get your computer up
and running even faster, plus no disconnecting you PC.
6. Here at Stubborn-Computers we still believe in
personal service. You will know how much it is going to cost up front.

Most of the time I can give you a quote over the phone without looking at your computer based on your description.

Computer Installations (For labor only)

PC Setup: Unpack and install your new computer. Create Backup disks, connect all peripherals, set up user accounts, and connect you to your existing network or internet service. $65

Software Installation: Install one software application onto one computer. Software is not included. $35 (Installed remotely or in shop)

Software Suite Installation: Install one software suite (such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, McAfee Internet Security) onto one computer. Software is not included. $35
Operating System Installation: Install Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 onto one computer. Install all drivers if available and critical updates. (Operatingsystem is not included.) $75 (Call If you would like help with choosing a new operating system.)
Operating System Upgrades: Upgrade to Windows 7, or to the operating system that you desire, and will transfer your personal data from your old PC to your new one. New Operating system needs to be provided, I can help you determine which version would be right for you. $75.00 to $99.99 depending on amount of Data needing to be transferred and the number of special drivers needed.
Operating System Repair: Find the bad files that are stopping your computer from starting up and fix them. A quick virus Scan after getting it back up and running to make sure that it wasn't a virus that caused this problem. $75.00

Data Transfer: Transfer your personal data from your old hard drive to your new computer. (Note: This doesn't include transferring your programs) $35 per 25 GB of data

Computer Diagnostics and Repairs

Hardware Diagnostics: Troubleshoot the cause of your ailing computer . Recommend a course
of action to get your computer up and running. Provide an estimate for any additional parts or services necessary. $35
Laptop Screen Repair:
Will trouble shoot failing laptop screens and determine if the display needs replaced or if it is something else causing the problem. 
$75 for labor.
If calling for a quote please have laptop model and serial number available, because LCD prices vary so much.
Windows Password Recovery: If you have locked yourself out of your windows and didn't create a password recovery disc, I can help you get back into your computer if you have one of the following operating systems: XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. $30 if you bring your computer to me and $40 if I need to go to you. (This cannot be done remotely)
Virus Removal: For information on virus removal see the Virus Removal Page.
Remote Computer Support:
To include virus removal, spyware removal, Malware removal, PC tune ups, Email assistance, windows update problems, system errors, firewall problems, networking problems, Router setups, securing your router (so strangers aren't logging into your network), Available Training, and more.
See the Remote Services page for more details on remote services and pricing.

Network Installation and Repair:

Home Network Installation: Install a wired or wireless network for your home. Router,
adapters, and cables are not included in this price. ($45 Plus parts)

Add device to existing network: Configure one device to access your existing network. Wireless adapters and Ethernet cables are not included. ($25 Plus parts)

Network Troubleshooting: Discover and remedy the cause of problems with your existing network configuration. (So that you can get back on the internet) ($50) (Note this price is only if it wasn't virus related, otherwise the virus removal price will be charged.)
Printer connection problems: Printer setup, or having problems with printers or other devices. $45 per device

Hardware Upgrades

Major Hardware Installation for Desktop Computer: Install one motherboard or processor into an existing computer. Part to install is not included. $75
(Note: Sometimes if a different Mother board is installed in a System the Operating system will need to be re-installed which would require the operating system fee in addition to this fee.)

Minor Hardware Installation for Desktop Computer: Install one hard drive, disk drive, memory module, fan, or network card into an existing computer. Part to install is not included and this doesn't include data transfers. ($30)

Hard Drive Installation for a Computer with Re-installation Service:
Install one hard drive and re-install your version of Windows onto the new hard drive with security updates and user data transfer. Useful if you are replacing the hard drive Windows is currently installed on. $79 If less than 30 GB of data is transferred and no other software is installed. (Note: original OS install discs and product key are required for this or a working recovery partition)
New Hard Drive Upgrade and Installation for a Computer with Cloning Service:
Install one hard drive and clone your old drive. Useful if you want to replace your hard drive with a bigger one. Your computer will be just as before - except, of course, for the bigger hard drive. (Requires bringing it back to shop) $75

Major Hardware Installation for Notebook Computer: Dependent on brand. Please call for details.

RAM Installation for Computer: Install memory into your computer. $35 (Memory not included)

Clean a hard drive of any personal information: If you have an old hard drive laying around or computer that you are afraid to get rid of because you are worried about the data that might be on it, this service will remove your data and prevent anyone from being able to recover it. $45

(Note: If you no longer need the hard drive or computer but just want to make sure the data is un retrievable before getting rid of it, then turn it in as an e-cycle item and It will get the data professionally erased before being reused at no cost to you)


Data Services
Data Backup $20 hr.
Automatic Data Backup: Configure your computer to automatically back up to an extra hard drive or network drive on a set schedule. Extra hard drive not included, and not available on home edition of windows will require additional software.

One-Time Data Backup: Archive data onto a DVD or extra hard drive. One DVD is included; additional DVD's will be an additional $3 ea, (Hard drive is not included in the price.)

Data recovery: Recover data from a bad hard drive, as long as it still spins and hasn't been written over. $45 per 25 GB of data (note media not provided)

IF you need a service that is not listed here contact Stubborn-Computers for a quote.

Phone: (814)406-9544 or Service@Stubborn-Computers.com

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