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Having a virus on your computer can vary from anything from annoying pop-ups to stealing your personal information from your computer.

Here are some symptoms of having a computer virus:

* Persistent pop-ups

* Constant security errors

* Unexpected shut downs or crashes

* Not being able to turn your computer on

* Pop-ups asking you to buy services to remove the virus that it found on your computer.

* FBI Alert (Stating that the FBI has locked your computer and asking you to send money to pay the fine.)

* Computer running slow.

* Constant Errors.

* Your browser going to a different website than what you typed in.

* Your contacts from your email account receive emails from you that you did not send.

* Security warnings while trying to get on the internet.

* Errors while trying to get Microsoft Security Updates.

This is just a few symptoms but if you are experiences any of these symptoms you should get your computer check out soon, because these viruses open up the security on your computer and makes it easier to get more virus or some even goes out to the internet and down loads more on there own and others send your personal information to the person that wrote the virus.

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